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    Saturday, January 4th, 2014
    11:21 am
    Blue waffle
    Swab of the urethra is best taken in the morning before the first urination or at least 2 hours after the patient has urinated . Smear the urethra in men taking sterile thin elastic rod with a cotton pad on top of that pre- moistened . Before entering swab foreskin is tugged upward , and then introduces a swab into the urethra to about 2 inches in depth and slightly rotated and left in the urethra for at least 2 seconds . Urethral smear is an important step in the diagnosis of chlamydia , gonorrhea , HPV, mycoplasma , ureaplasma , and trichomonas ( Mestrovic , 2009) .
    Throat swabs taken so lightly pressed with a spatula base language to display the back of the throat along with the tonsillar fossa . Then the swab firmly wiped the back of the throat , palatal arches and tonsil area . If a patient when taking swabs says "a" , it will reduce the urge to vomit ( Mestrovic , 2009) .
    For rectal swab swab to invest 2.5 cm beyond the anal sphincter and gently rotated . At the swab must be visible traces chairs . From rectal swabs can do a search on gonorrhea and chlamydia .
    When taking a urine sample for bacteriological examination should be the first stream of the first morning urine . Before taking a sample of urine is necessary to wash the external genitals with warm soapy water and dry with tissue paper . From the urine is possible to make time to mycoplasma , ureaplasma and chlamydia .
     The outbreak of herpes is actually a phenomenon of painful sores and bubbles that affect the mouth and genitals . Herpes caused by the herpes simplex virus . Once infected with this virus it stays in your skin and nerve cells for life. Sometimes people do not know they are infected with the virus because they do not have any symptoms . From time to time the HSV triggers and develop the symptoms of herpes . Weakened immune to the virus grows and makes it easier to be activated . Stress , common cold , climate change and UV exposure conducive to virus activates
    There are two main types of HSV , and both can cause the oral and genital herpes . HSV - 1 usually affects the region of the oral cavity . The most common is called herpes simplex labialis that appears on the lips and surrounding skin . Shortly before the outbreak of herpes person feel tingling , numbness and discomfort at the site of the outbreak , then appearing bubbles that quickly crumbling . The resulting sores turn into scabs . Sometimes this type of virus can cause the same symptoms in the nostrils and around the nose , the gums or palate , and most embarrassing is when interventions around .
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